Everybody Loves the Drop Gate Crib

drop gate cribMy kid really loves his crib. There must be something about it that keeps him so entertained. I’m not sure if it’s the spinning mobile I have above it or if it’s the toys in the crib that grab his attention. But after thinking about it, maybe he just likes his alone time. Maybe he’s an introverted baby that likes his own space, and the crib gives him that space.

The crib my baby has is a drop gate crib that makes it easy to retrieve my kid from it. So whenever my kid has had enough alone time, I can drop the gate and take him out. I think it’s the most beneficial type of crib, since it really does wonders for my back. Instead of reaching over the side of the crib, I can just reach forward to hold my kid.

In the end, I’m just really glad my kid loves his crib. The drop gate crib is his favorite place to be. It makes putting him to bed really easy, too. And as far as my preference goes, I really like this crib too. It really accommodates for my bad back. It’s the best crib out there for people like me.

Diaper Rash Cream Is Essential

rash creamNo parent ever wants their baby to be in discomfort. While baby diapers are very useful tools when kids are young and still learning, they can leave babies with rashes that should always be taken care of. Just be sure to watch for your baby’s skin around the diaper area. If there are any signs of a rash, it’s imperative that you put some soothing cream onto the affected area.

Luckily, there are a number of creams available for diaper rashes. The diaper rash cream I use for my baby is by Babo Botanicals, because it’s all natural and very relaxing for my baby. It works every time, so I see no need to switch to another kind. If I ever see any sign of a rash, I grab the tube and squeeze the cream out. Then I rub it into the affected area to ease and sooth it.

I don’t know where I would be without diaper rash cream. It’s such an essential product for all fathers and mothers everywhere, since babies have such soft and sensitive skin. And when I put the cream on, I can tell my baby really likes it. I get a smile every time.

Flushable Baby Wipes Make it Easy to Dispose of these Wipes

organic baby wipesWhen I was using baby wipes while changing my baby, I felt like it was a bit frustrating to have these wipes go into the trash with the diapers as well. I didn’t want to have all of these items in my house smelling up the place. I really needed to have some way to keep these wipes out of the trash so that I can keep my house smelling a bit better.

I have been looking at different types of wipes that I could use with a bit more success so that all that smells like diapers in my house is the diapers themselves. I have started to look at some different types of flushable baby wipes that will be easy to flush away. I am hoping to use these all of the time to cut down on waste from my baby.

Nuby Baby Bottles are So Comfortable for my Baby to Use

nubby baby bottlesFor a while now, I have been struggling to find some kind of a baby bottle that my baby will actually be able to drink out of. He has never been very interested in nursing from the many different types of bottles that I have purchased for him. I do what I can to make sure that he is able to drink from these bottles when it is necessary.

I recently found some baby bottles that I have actually gotten him to use on a few different occasions. At first I didn’t want to tell anyone since I was afraid that I might jinx it, but now he has been drinking out of them reliably. I guess these Nuby baby bottles are just the perfect bottles for him to be comfortable using.

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