A Toy Baby Stroller Helps My Daughter Enjoy Going Out More

My daughter started to get a little frustrated about going out for walks in the park all of the time when she found out that her baby sister got to ride in a stroller and she didn’t. While my daughter is too big for the stroller, she still was a bit resentful about the baby getting to ride while she had to walk. I knew I had to do something to make it so that she wouldn’t focus on this so much.

So that I could make it more fun for her to go out on walks with the baby and I, I began to look for some little doll strollers that my daughter might be able to push with a doll in it while we walked. This would give her some sense of responsibility and make the entire thing a whole lot more fun overall. It was great to be able to find a toy baby stroller that would work.

The new stroller has been the perfect distraction for my daughter as now she doesn’t want to ride in a stroller at all. She is much happier being able to run ahead pushing a stroller with her own dolls or stuffed animals in them. I am just glad that I found a fun way to solve this problem.


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